Who I am

Once upon a time, in a country far far away, a baby boy was born. He had big blue eyes and blabbed on about world politics. That boy, was not me.

No. I was born in a country with so many people that if placed one on top of each other, they could reach Mars (someone fact check this. I have no idea if it’s actually true). The name is Steven, although official authorities have enough evidence to suggest otherwise, since this name isn’t on any of my ID cards. My actual (ahem) name, is much less… American, and much more difficult to pronounce. After all of the teachers in the primary school in New Zealand had given up on trying during my brief stay in Queenstown, my parents had given me the name Steven.

So that’s my name briefly talked about.. what’s next – oh that’s right. I’m currently at university, functionally fourth year, but temporally fifth. I took the second half of second year and first half of third year off as a weird gap year to pursue my dreams, which was staying at home and watching TV. Honestly I had better reasons for that – medical ones, which I’m just going to gloss over, since they aren’t particularly interesting anyway. I’m hopefully finishing my university degree of Bachelor of Finance by the end of next year, which is a blessed relief for if I hadn’t changed my degree from Actuarial/Science to Finance, I would probably die of old age while still studying at university. In social psychology terms, this can be referred to as post decision justification 🙂

I ride bikes, mountain and road. Not particularly good at either, which is why I use humour to distract others who ride with me so they don’t notice how unfit I actually am.

A dog also came into my life in the year of 2016. Apart from the occasional stumping-on-…-private-areas incidents, our relationship has mostly been pain free. He sleeps on my bed, much against my mum’s resistance, which has begun turning my solid black bed sheet into some sort of canine/human collaborated artwork.

Want to know more about me? Why not read some of the other pages I’ve got on this blog? Or if you are feeling adventurous, shoot me an email at steven@stevenhan.net

Thanks for the visit. I’ll prepare tea and biscuits next time.

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